Peña & Quintana

The firm’s founding partners came together around shared principles. We believe that all families should have the right to stay together in the place where they have built their lives. We believe that everyone, including those men, women and children in the United States without lawful immigration status are entitled to due process and to be treated with dignity. We believe that all people should have access to quality legal representation regardless of socioeconomic status, level of education, or national origin, even if they have made mistakes leading to a criminal conviction. Peña & Quintana was founded on these principles and we are true to these principles with every client and every case.


We strive to provide excellent, effective legal representation to all our clients. The founding partners set out to create a law office in which the attorneys are accessible to our clients and have ample time to communicate with clients directly. We have structured our office and our practice to allow for thoroughgoing consultation with our potential clients and attentive client follow up, to achieve our goal of ensuring to the best of our ability that our clients understand in detail the nature of the case.

Equally important is our belief that all people should have access to quality legal representation, particularly those in need of humanitarian relief. We want to help ensure that those people most in need of legal representation can afford to have it. We take into consideration each client’s individual circumstances as well as the time and effort necessary to